West Feliciana Animal Humane Society


Return Animals to Original Owners:
When an animal enters the shelter it is immediately scanned for a microchip, it is given a vaccination, treated for worms, treated for fleas, photographed, and placed on our Facebook page in order to ensure that the dog or cat is healthy and that we find the original owner if at all possible. The dogs are placed on a ten day hold to give owners time to locate their lost pet. This year we have returned fifty-eight dogs to their owners.

Rattlesnake Vaccine:
Contact us for more information.

Pet For Patriots:
We are proud to be a trusted shelter in this program.

Guardian Angels Program:
This program is designed to bring together people who love animals but can't adopt with cats and dogs that are adoptable as long as they receive extra medical treatment. We have been able to treat dogs with heart worms and then successfully adopt them. We have also been able to purchase antibiotics that might otherwise be beyond the means of the WFAHS. We have saved the lives of dogs and cats that would have otherwise been put down due to their medical conditions. In the past year we have had twenty guardian angels generously give so that a cat or dog may live.